You don’t need a fancy exercise program to tone muscle, but joining a gym is a great first step to learning how to strength train effectively and efficiently. You also don’t need to invest a ton of time every week to weights, just 30 minutes a couple of days and you will be on your way to better health.

Lifting a few light weights tones and improves lean muscle mass which is good for your heart, and bones. Regular exercise relieves stress and increases energy levels.

As always, an important first step is to talk to your Doctor before beginning any new workout program.

Tips to Getting Started

Learn 5 Machines
Ask a certified fitness trainer at the gym to show you how to properly use at least 5 different machines on the gym floor – one for chest, shoulders, back, legs, triceps and one for biceps.

Most fitness professionals will recommend a weight for you that you can lift with increasing difficultly (but not exhaustion) at least 8 times, then recommend a 30 second rest time, and repeating the lifting for 2 more sets of 8 before going to the next machine or muscle group.

Proper Technique
Learning proper technique for posture on the weight machines, positioning your back and legs and how to lift or pull is very important to ensure you do not risk injury.

Ask a fitness trainer to also show you how to properly perform squats, lunges, a plank and push ups. These exercise are far more effective and efficient if done correctly.

Combine Exercises

The key to an efficient gym visit is to use your rest time on in between set on the machines to work a different muscle group and combine your exercises.

In between rowing exercises for your back, do a set of 0 lunges on each leg, between chest presses do a set of sit ups on a ball.

Watch Others
Gym regularizes have their routines set. While you are doing your exercise, watch other and maybe learn a few new moves that can help break up your routine. Working different muscles groups or the same groups in different exercises will be beneficial to your overall increased strength.