About Us


Boomer Nutrition is about helping you maximize your health and wellness as you age. Now is the perfect time to focous on you and Live Your Life.

Boomer Nutrition Protein and our NEW Organic Vegan Protein Powder are the first protein powders designed to help prevent muscle loss and slow the aging process. Our research based blend of proteins combined with added leucine and B vitamins makes it a one of a kind protein supplement. Leucine is the key activator of muscle repair and B vitamins support energy production. Boomer Nutrition ENERGY & Organic Vegan Proteinis perfect for those looking to increase energy, preserve lean muscle and maintain overall health.

As we age our body’s change and so do our nutritional needs. We have been busy taking care of others and tend to put our nutritional needs last and become less active as we age. As a result, we lose our lean muscle and our overall health is impacted in multiple ways, which affects our ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Boomer Nutrition has developed the first research based protein blend of whey and micellar casein to give you a time released delivery of protein to help prevent sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss).

All Boomer Nutrition products are formulated by Stuart Lowther, a boomer himself, who holds a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science and Metabolism. Stuart was the founder of Life Science Nutritional (LSN), and creator of IronKids and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins.

After selling LSN in 2015, Lowther assembled his team, formed Element Nutrition Inc. and the IronKids Nutrition and Boomer Nutrition brand was born.

At Element Nutrition we believe quality of life is valuable and maintaining your health is paramount to living life to the fullest. We believe nutrition is the key element to optimal health. Our mission is to provide you with the nutritional tools you need to enhance your health. We deliver innovative, science based products that provide quality nutrition and empower you to Live your Life.

Boomer Nutritions first products are protein powders specifically formulated for the aging population, to provide high levels of essential amino acids to support muscle health.



Boomer Nutrition is dedicated to providing natural products to support a healthy lifestyle without artificial flavours or sweeteners. Boomer Nutrition encourages you to Live Your Life.