Boomer Nutrition Protein was designed to help you slow the aging process. There are many different protein powders on the market to choose from, but Boomer Nutrition ENERGY Protein and our NEW Organic Vegan Protein Powder are the only ones formulated to help you preserve lean muscle and slow the aging process.

Slow the Aging Process

As we age our protein needs change and to slow the aging process we require more from our protein sources. Boomer Nutrition is made from high quality whey protein, has added leucine to preserve and repair muscle and includes B vitamins to give you the energy to stay active.

Understanding the importance of protein in your diet as you age is crucial to making healthy nutrition choices.  This chart shows how much protein you need as you age based on your activity level.

Muscle loss is a natural part of aging and begins in our 30s. As we get older, we lose muscle at a faster rate. Two things can slow this muscle loss and slow the aging process: regular activity and eating more protein.

The essential amino acids found in Boomer Nutrition Protein  help prevent muscle loss (sarcopenia), increase metabolism, promote fat loss and prevent weight gain, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes.

Learn more about Boomer Nutrition Protein in this 1 minute video and make sure you are adding more protein to your diet.

Boomer Nutrition Protein Recipes

Getting more protein in your diet is easy when you know where you can add a bit more and  have easy recipes and suggestions.  Here are some of our favourite Smoothies for breakfast or post workout, and these Triple Chocolate Protein Cookies are a hit with everyone. Dessert can be tempting but there is no need to skip it when you make either this Protein Packed Chai Pudding  or this Chocolate Cheesecake Pudding. Make snacking easy with this list of High Protein Snacks.  Looking for more than just a smoothie at breakfast? Then try this perfect on the go Protein Fridge Oatmeal, or these yummy Protein Breakfast Cookies . Enjoy!


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Slow Down Aging with Boomer Nutrition Protein Powder