Is it possible to be fit at 50? Can you really get healthier with age? Absolutely!

The first tip is to start now.

Whether you are 32, 47 or 53 – get started now. Being fit and healthy is something you work towards daily, it is a goal without a finish line, a way of life. Set an intention and make a promise to yourself that you will move more and eat (at least a little bit) healthier each day. When today is done, wipe the slate clean and start again tomorrow.

Truth is, we will never get back to the physique or energy levels of our 20s, but as we head into our 40 and 50s we still have lots of muscle left to build on. Our bodies are very resilient and will adapt to an increase in activity or the introduction of strength training – even in our 50s. It is possible to start now and be fit at 50 or even start in our 50s and get healthier as we age. This McLeans Magazine article is very encouraging.

The reality of aging is that our bodies begin to lose lean muscle at a faster rate as we hit our 50s and 60s and the best way to combat this and get healthier with age is staying active and eating more protein.

Research shows we need more essential amino acids from protein to build new muscle and help repair muscle damage after exercise; this is even more important as you age. Use this chart to determine how much daily protein you need based on your age and activity level.

Be Fit at 50 & Get Healthier With Age

Move More

The old saying “Move it or Lose it” has some merit. Getting the recommended 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 days a week can be as easy as adding a daily walk into your routine. Walk to the grocery store, up the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk to dog, meet a friend to walk to the coffee shop.  Be creative but be active. Walking is an effective way to Reduce the risk of heart disease Improve Mood reducing stress and anxiety, Tone Muscles, increase energy and lose or maintain weight.

Increase the intensity for even more benefit. Using a fitness tracker you can set a pace, increase your distance and make your daily walk a workout that will have you fit at 50 and well beyond.

Lift More

Strength training in your 40s and 50s is essential to not only slowing down the aging process of muscle loss (also known as sarcopenia), but also to improving your fitness level. You are working against the normal body function of age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia. It begins in your 30s and 40s and you will lose an increasing amount out muscle tissues as you age unless you start doing strength exercises now.  It doesn’t mean you have to lift crazy weights but you do have to challenge your muscles.  Try these at home strength exercises or a power yoga class where poses are geared to challenge you muscles, a water aerobics class that uses water as resistance, or Zumba that uses dance to increase your cardio and muscle tone. Anything that will exert strength and help you build muscle as you age is guaranteed to keep you fit at 50.

More Protein

As we age our protein needs change and to slow the aging process and get healthier as we age we require more from our protein sources. Add a protein smoothie to your morning or post workout. Make sure your lunch, dinner and any snacks are all high in protein. By making protein your focus you will ensure you diet is getting healthier with age and help your muscles reverse the affects of aging. Boomer Nutrition ENERGY Protein and our NEW Organic Vegan Protein Powder are made from high quality protein, have added leucine to preserve and repair muscle and include B vitamins to give you the energy to stay active.

Understanding the importance of protein in your diet as you age is crucial to making healthy nutrition choices.

Check With Your Doctor & A Fitness Trainer

If you are already moderately active, you may ok to increase the level of your exercise, but checking in with your doctor is always a good idea as certain medications or medical conditions maybe affect your aerobic tolerance and stamina.

If its been awhile since you hit the gym and you are considering picking up weights again it is a good idea to consult with a trained professional on the best exercises for you. At 50 your muscles may not respond the way they did when you were 25. A fitness trainer can help you avoid injury and give you strength exercise that are easier on weaker areas such as your back and knees while providing a routine you can follow on your own going forward.

The time to get into a healthy routine of exercise and adding more protein to your diet is now. I know it is possible to Be Fit at 50 and Get Healthier With Age as I have been personally testing this theory for the past 49 years! I will 50 in a few months and am getting in the best shape I can since I having kids over 15 years ago.

Start Now.    Move More.      Lift More.      Add More Protein.

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Be Fit at 50 Get Healthier With Age