You have decided to make a healthy Boomer Nutrition Protein Smoothie  or Shake a part of your diet, but what is the best protein smoothie base to start with?  Which has the most calcium, the most fat, the most sugar or the most protein?

We looked at the nutritional breakdown of all your favourite protein smoothie bases and created an at-a-glance chart to shows which offers the most and the least nutritional boost – making it easier for you to decide which protein smoothie base is best for you.

How to Choose Best Protein Smoothie Base

Protein Smoothies can be a nutritional powerhouse or a sugar loaded dessert-like drink masking as a healthy option.  It’s buyer beware when you purchase a protein smoothie from any fast food restaurants, coffee shops or smoothie chains. Some add liquid sugars instead of real fruit, others use ice cream, or high fat cream for flavour. Make sure you take a look at the nutritional value and know how much fat, sugar and calories you are consuming.

A healthy protein smoothie should contain 20-30grams of protein, be under 10grams of sugar (not including sugar from fresh or frozen fruit), offer bone building calcium, and a good amount of your daily Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 requirements. Both are important for energy and healthy aging.

When making your protein smoothie at home a great place to start for recipe ideas is our Top 10 Boomer Nutrition Protein Smoothie Recipes – using both our vegan and whey protein powders. There are endless options to consider when it comes to flavour and fruit combinations.

You can include greens by using kale and spinach, more fiber by adding a tbsp of flax, chia  or oats, more berries if you like fruity, more mango and pineapple if you like tropical or mixing peanut butter and chocolate protein powder for a whole different kind of protein smoothie.

For health or medical reasons you may choose vegan, lactose or nut free protein smoothie and there is a base that is right for that.  This at-a-glance chart looks at all the options.  Mix and match – even if you are not vegan or lactose intolerant, using a rice or unsweetened almond milk in place of cows milk will give you a lighter tasting smoothie thats is sometimes a welcome change.

One of my favourite summertime protein smoothies uses water as its base, and this Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie uses carrot juice while this one uses Green Tea – get added benefits from the tea without any added calories or sugar!

What is your favourite protein smoothie base?

Best Base for Protein Smoothie Nutrition Values_PIN