Late night snack habit derailing your healthy eating plan? Then this might sound familiar.

I have healthy eating all figured out during the day – protein smoothie for breakfast, eggs and veggies at lunch, apple and almonds for snack, and chicken or fish with salad and grains for dinner. However, once the kids are in bed and my favourite tv show is on, I inevitably give in to my late night snack habit. I am not really hungry and usually I am not snacking on grapes or plain popcorn, which would make the late night snack habit not so bad.

My late night snack habit is to grab the entire bag of chips and go for the crunch and the salt. It is a way of relaxing, a comfort of sorts, and a mindless habit that derails my healthy eating plan. Sound familiar?

How to Break the Late Night Snack Habit

There are some solutions to break the late night snack habit, and maybe by writing them down I will have an easier time of implementing them. Worth a shot.

Ditch the Doritos
Don’t have a cupboard full of Doritos or dill pickle chips and you won’t be tempted to grab them when the urge strikes.  Easy in theory, but somehow they always manage to make it back into the house. If mindless crunching is what you need swap out chips for grapes (ever tried them frozen? so good!) or blueberries, something you can have a bowl of and get a heaping does of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants instead of guilt.

Simple Swaps
If you must munch, try a simple swap. You still get to quench that craving for something salty or sweet but you replace the chips with homemade roasted chick peas, sweet potato or apple ‘chips’. Try pretzel chips and a protein rich home hummus dips made with chick peas or other pulses.  Or slice up a nice juicy honey crisp apple and sprinkle it with cinnamon and enjoy. Easy at home recipes can ease you into swapping out the unhealthy for a feel good late night snack.

Protein All Day
Sometime the late night snack habit hits because you really are hungry and your body is telling you that you are lacking sufficient calories during meals.  Ensure you are getting at least 20 grams of muscle preserving protein at every meal and if you do reach for a late night snack make sure it contains protein. 

Sweet Protein Treat
If its sweets you crave, cut up a protein bar made with dried fruit or these Triple Chocolate Protein Cookies into tiny pieces and slowly savour the flavour while your favourite show is on. This Chocolate Cheesecake Protein Pudding or this Protein Chia Chocolate Pudding make healthy high protein desserts that are so filling they may nix the need for late night snacking.

Sip on Something Fizzy
Don’t make your late night snack habit worse by reaching for a soda, instead make your own fizzy water with just plain water or add frozen berries to a plain soda water. Pour it into a decorative glass, add a straw and even one of those fancy umbrellas if that helps. Quench your thirst without adding unnecessary sugars and calories.

Brush Your Teeth
An old tip that just might do the trick. Brush your teeth and enjoy the minty freshness.

Call it a Night
Turn off the Tv 20 minutes earlier and avoid that time of the night when the munchies hit.



Stopping a late night snack habit can sound simple, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Do you have a trick that works and curbs the late night snack habit?

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How to Break the Late Night Snack Habit