Don’t set yourself up for failure by making life changing New Years Resolutions, instead make a conscious effort to start some new -simple – healthy habits that will allow you ease into a new routine and get healthier after the holidays.

The stress of shopping, baking (& snacking on) christmas cookies, filling turkey dinners and sweet treats enjoyed with sparkling wine is all part of the holiday fun. As a new year dawns, it feels like a clean slate and a great opportunity to continue doing those things that made you happiest this year and maybe add a few new healthy habits that will help you get healthier for the next year.

Healthy Habits for a New Year

Drink Up

Make a 500ml water bottle your buddy. Fill it with lemon water in the morning, ice water during exercise, berries and mint for an afternoon treat and herbal tea for an evening relax to easily get your eight glasses of water a day.  Going out for the evening? Take along your own bottle of soda water to sip on and cut back on sweet, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Being well hydrated is essential for all bodily functions, for flushing out toxins and keeping a youthful glow.

Sleep On It

Don’t stay up late to finish that project or stress about that assignment. Get some sleep and you’ll be twice as efficient in the morning and more able to handle any task. 7-9 hours of sleep should be the norm not just for your stress level, but for overall health and wellness. Imagine waking up rested!

Move It

Walk, ride, swim, lift, skate, slide, dance, play, kick, throw, catch, hit. Take up yoga, teakwood, spinning, swimming, walking, skiing, skating, tennis, dancing, basketball, stair climbing – anything. Just keep moving. Do it at home, at a gym, a pool, a court, or out your front door. Find things you love and do them. At least 3 times a week dress for the weather and go for a walk or head indoors and walk circles at the Mall. Keep your heart beating, get your cardio pumping, your muscles working and you will keep feeling young. Activity has been shown to slow the aging process by keeping you limber and mobile plus it slows age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia. Something that affects all of us as we age – starting in our 40s – but luckily the progression slows the more we move!

Eat It

Don’t just think about cutting calories – think about consuming calories that count. A breakfast high in protein will keep you full and give you energy to take on your morning. A lunch high in protein will keep you full and avoid that vending machine visit mid afternoon. A dinner high in protein will prevent mindless snacking during evening activities and TV time. If you must snack, snacks that are high in protein will provided nutrients, vitamins, minerals and not empty or sugary calories. Plus, a diet high in protein is one that helps your muscle repair quicker after exercise and consuming protein with added Leucine will help slow age-related muscle loss even if you are not active. Make protein a priority – especially if you are following a vegan diet – and watch what happens!

The holidays are a wonderful time to connect with family and friends and celebrate good cheer and many of us enjoy plenty of indulgence. Now that January is here, our thoughts turn to eating better, getting more active and hopefully forming new habits that will have you getting healthier after the holidays.  Happy New Year from all of us at Boomer Nutrition!