A Protein Smoothie Bowl can be a fun – and very ascetically pleasing – way to enjoy your healthy high protein breakfast.

The process of making a protein smoothie bowl is both easy and creative.  Start with any protein smoothie recipe you like.

Our favorite ENERGY Whey Protein Smoothie recipes can be found -> Here.

Our favorite Organic Vegan Protein Smoothie recipes can be found -> Here.

To make a Protein Smoothie Bowl follow the recipe directions EXCEPT only add 1/2 of the liquid that is recommended – you want the smoothie portion of your protein smoothie bowl to be a bit thicker so can you can enjoy it with a spoon, not a straw!

Then, pour the blended smoothie into a bowl. Now you can get creative.  Add as many of the toppings as you like. Play with flavour and texture combinations, add fibre, add greens, add seeds or fruit.  Anything goes!

Play with the design.  Add toppings in columns, in rows, in rainbow pattern, or go crazy and mix it all up. The best part about smoothie bowls is, there is no wring way to make one.

Add Grains
*Cooked Quinoa

Add Nuts

Add Seeds

Add Spice

Add Fruits

Add Dried Fruits

Add Sweet Drizzle on Top
*Chocolate sauce
*Peanut/Nut/Seed Butter