Is losing weight on your new years resolution list this year? Looking for weight loss supplements that can help? There is one that is proven healthy and effective but not many think of it when they consider weight loss supplements.

What is it?


Getting enough protein is key to any weight loss plan. While long thought of to help put the brakes on hunger and curb caloric intake, the benefits of high protein foods, protein powder, protein smoothies or bars as weight loss supplements are now being discovered for their role in “high quality” weight loss.

The key to healthy weight loss is too not cut back on nutrition as you cut calories and to lose the least amount of muscle while you are reducing body fat. This is where high protein foods and protein supplements such as whey protein powders can help with healthy weight loss.

Researchers from McMaster University have found in a randomized, double blind study that whey protein powder can help to preserve your lean muscle mass while on a low calorie diet. Published in the Journal of Nutrition (December 2014) they found that whey protein powder reduced the decline in muscle protein synthesis (the building of muscle tissue) after weight loss and could be an important factor in preserving muscle mass in long-term weight loss.1

Typical low calorie diets can result in a loss of up to 25% of lean tissue (like muscle) when losing weight. A focus on high quality nutrition and exercise is imperative to counter this unwanted muscle loss.

Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Whey protein powder is a useful protein because of its high content of branched-chain amino acids that help to promote muscle building and repair. A whey protein powder that also includes casein like Boomer Nutrition ENERGY is the best protein powder for weight loss as it has both slow and fast releasing proteins that help you feel full longer and prevent loss of lean muscle.

Maintaining muscle over time is important to keep your calorie requirements high, aid in blood sugar control and support your overall mobility. Long-term lean muscle loss results in poor balance, strength and performance issues. 2

When you are cutting back calories, protein powders can be a convenient way to add extra protein without adding significant calories to your weight loss plan. Given the studies that have investigated the positive body weight-reducing effects of milk or dairy protein (combination of casein and whey), combining the muscle preserving whey protein with the satiating power of casein may be part of a good strategy for high quality long-term weight loss. 3,4

As you begin your weight loss program make protein a priority. Include the dairy proteins or a protein supplement like Boomer Nutrition Protein Powders to preserve your lean muscle mass and to help manage your hunger level. Be smart with your proteins and space them throughout the day at meals and snacks to maximize their benefit alongside fruits, vegetables and high fibre grains. Combine this new healthy eating plan with a sensible exercise program to maximize the lifestyle benefits and achieve your weight loss goals.



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