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Boomer Nutrition Protein is available in the Vitamin/Diet section as well as the Protein Powder section of select retailers across Canada. 

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  • There is no chalky texture and no after taste. ~ Carolyn Read More
  • The protein powder dissolves so easily in a shaker and tastes good just with water or milk. ~ Lynn Read More
  • I'll be honest. I was nervous to try the protein powder because I've never had a whey powder taste good...they always have that funky whey taste. But the Boomer Nutrition Vanilla was so good! ~ Jennifer Read More
  • I have been anxiously awaiting your new protein powder to make it to the shelves. I picked one up yesterday and just tried it this morning. I just wanted to let you know it was worth the wait. The flavor is great. ~ Robin Read More
  • Amazing. No gritty texture or fake chocolate flavour. I've been ordering protein powder for years and this blows it away in flavour, and taste for the same price. Keeps me full all morning. ~ Kate Read More
  • These are the best shakes I have ever had! Love the chocolate ones, not too sweet like some of the others ones I have tried. ~ Cathy Read More
  • I like it . . . best protein powder I've had yet. ~ Susan Read More
  • Finally tried the Boomer Nutrition Protein Powder shakes...Wow! The chocolate one is to die for!! It is definitely going on the grocery list. ~ Deb Read More
  • My first attempt to use this was to just mix it with milk in my shaker bottle and shake it up really well. I added a few ice cubes to keep it cold and was very surprised at how smoothly it mixed, and by its taste. It's more of a milk chocolate than dark chocolate flavor, but it was enjoyable. ~ Busy Mom Read More
  • I've been drinking Boomer Nutrition Protein Shakes for breakfast and finding myself full through the morning, not snacking as much. ~ Mom of 2 Read More
  • Boomer Nutrition protein powder is pretty good as protein shakes go. There aren't the ingredients that you want to stay away from (like other drinks have). So if you're concerned about losing muscle mass, this could help with its added leucine. From Wikipedia on Leucine: "Leucine is an α-amino acid used in the biosynthesis of proteins. ~ Amazon.com purchaser Read More
  • This Boomer Nutrition Protein Powder mixes to a nice, smooth finish in my Bullet blender, and it does NOT have a chalky taste. Quite the contrary -- it's smooth, and it thickens up a bit, too. ~ Daniel Read More
  • My husband enjoys shakes but hasn't made one for himself until we got the Boomer Nutrition brand. He is among the boomers who has lost too much weight so this works well for him to increase his nutrition and he really likes the taste. ~ A Boomer Read More
  • I'm a Boomer though not an early one, am cruising on up to 60. I'm very active - tennis, biking, walking, etc... so I'm interested in products that will keep my energy levels up and taste good at the same time. The Boomer Nutrition Energy tastes better (nice chocolate flavor) than most of the other "energy" or "high protein" mixes ~ Happy Customer Read More
  • Well, I wasn't exactly expecting this huge jar, so that was a surprise. New Boomer Nutrition ENERGY Protein Powder (I have chocolate) isn't chalky and actually tastes pretty good on it's own. However, I usually have a daily espresso favored shake due to my osteoporosis, and I've just added some of the Boomer ENERGY to my shake which gives it a ~ Catherine Read More
  • Protein powder incorporated into a smoothie is a regular part of my daily routine. I am not a big meat eater so I use the powder to supplement my protein intake to ensure I meet daily minimum requirements. The product I use most often is also whey based so I was curious to compare the two. A quick comparison with my ~ M. Hill Read More
  • I'm 60, staying in shape, working out 6 days a week and watching my diet with lean, "clean" food. I'm heath conscious motivated and enjoy the energy and fun of my efforts. I am always looking for better ways to keep fit. I use a protein shake and this Boomer Nutrition ENERGY Protein Powder hits the mark for me.  It ~ M.K. Read More
  • Finally a protein powder that isn't chalky! It also doesn't leave that horrible after taste that most protein powders do. It kept me full for longer and mixed easily in a shaker cup. For an added "kick" I added frozen strawberries to the vanilla and it tasted like a milkshake without the guilt! Will definitely buy Boomer Nutrition ENERGY Protein ~ Happy Baby Boomer Read More
  • The flavor is not too sweet but with plenty of chocolate goodness. The texture is not ultra creamy nor gritty, but a nice in-between. I find it mixes very well in a shaker cup with a blender ball inside. The ingredients list is good. I like the sweetener being natural.  I like to mix mine in a blender with a ~ 5 Stars Read More
  • As someone who isn't getting any younger (despite what my friends might want me to believe!) I value a product that's made with my best interests in mind. When I came across Boomer Nutrition Protein Energy, I was immediately interested. From everything I read, it seemed like this is a protein powder product not necessarily built for hardcore athletes, but ~ Ron M. Read More